Iceberg blocks


Due to the health and safety issues, I couldn’t do an archway sculpture in front of the automatic door, as it will block the sensors and the door will keep opening. Instead, use this styrofoam to block the window as an iceberg wall. I like this work especially when the sun shinning through the window, the iceberg blocks looks like they are glowing and the glowing blue light is very nice.


Giant Penguin!!!!


Working hard on the degree show preparation, this giant penguin is going to be displayed somewhere near the entrance of the linear gallery to welcome all the viewers. There will be sound behind it and say “Welcome to the Penguin Village!” in different languages.

Degree Show Planning

Thinking about doing an archway for the entrance to Penguin Village. I want to create an environment like in theme parks and aquariums.

As this is the first time that I have do an installation in such a large space, I feel excited but worries at the same time. I was so surprised that when tutor called my name and chosen to be the one who use the linear gallery space for degree show. As it is the time on brainstorming different ideas what I could put in the show, I haven’t got an actual feeling about it. Hope everything goes well and fine.

Penguin Theatre video

These are some of the screenshots of the video that I have made for a penguin song. Some of the lyrics are ‘Have you ever seen, a penguin dancing here? When you look at me, a penguin you will see. Penguins attention, penguins begin.’ And it keep repeating after doing the each action (right flipper, left flipper, right foot, left foot, nod your head, turn around) in order. It is a repetitive song and it is meant to be teaching and encourage young children to dace with it. Although the lyrics are repetitive and may be getting annoyed about it, this is a successful song as the melody can easily be remembered and it will stuck around your head for a whole day. Thus, as people started singing this song, my idea is working.