Exhibition: City Noir: John Duffin’s London in Paint and Print

The exhibition is started from 23rd October to 22nd November. It is located at For Art Sake in London. The exhibition consist of 60 prints and paintings, including a range a new paintings of London train and tube stations and some large panoramic paintings showing views of London from high points in Greenwich and Primrose Hill along with a large drawing of Pitzhanger Manor in dramatic weather.


In this exhibition, I found those paintings and etchings are really impressive. Although the size of the paintings are not massive, they are satisfying enough as the depiction of the sceneries are interesting. Most of Duffin’s work depicted unique angles and illustration style of buildings and cityscapes, which is more likely to be seen in fictional animes and novels.


In one of Duffin’s interview, he talked about his influences from beginning looked at graphic art in comics as visual stimulation in a small northern town which was non existent, so his early inspiration was comic books. At 6 or 7 years old he began to collect comics that were reprints of classic American marvel comics, the strange sinewy drawings made by Steve Ditko of Spider-Man, Jack Kirby’s creations such as The Fantastic Four, The Hulk& Thor were all spell binding to him. He bought comics solely for the artwork, learned the names of the artists and began to differentiate early, middle and late periods of each artists work. And said this taxonomy for identifying mark making would remain with him and later be seamlessly transferred to viewing prints, drawings and paintings in national collections. From this interview, I can feel the passions and efforts that Duffin made in his work and I think that I absolutely need to learn from him by collecting and analyzing things that I am interested in.