Exhibition: Critical: A Solo Exhibition by Dave White

The exhibition is started from 4th November to 28th November at Loughran Gallery in London. It is a spacious, clean and white exhibition space, all the work are hung nicely with white frame watercolour paintings and oil paintings on Linen.

The exhibition is about exploring the theme of critically endangered species, focusing on wildlife whose existence is becoming increasingly in peril in the natural world. White uses his unique homage to his subject matter, executed in his trademark expressive style. Instantly recognizable, White’s work presents opulent oil paintings with a stark sense of life, fragility, movement and emotional integrity.


In White’s work, I can see the movement of brushstrokes and the energy that bring out from the paintings. And I also think that his work are powerful in the way that no matter how strong the wildlife is, they still look fragile in the natural world. The message of the animal extinctions need to be protected, and the colour of the movement gradually become lighter, it seems to be symbolize the time is running out, and the species are varnishing now.


Animals continue to shape White’s career as he explores different collections over the years, but always with his signature style of explosive and expressive colors, vibrant and dripping. The plight of animals and their march to extinction upsets him greatly, and his style conveys the strength of that conviction. “I want people to be confronted by these things, and look at them as they are looking at it.”

“Do your own thing. Do what makes you happy. Never ever give up. It’s not quick and there’s no formula. Produce things that are honest, true to yourself. High quality. Make the best shit you can. Do what is yourself, be yourself.”