Exhibition: Dreams, Dreams by Dor Duncan

The exhibition is started from 9th November to 4th December, and is located at the Rudolf Steiner House in London. The exhibition space don’t seems like what it is, there is no information and instruction about the show, only pointing the left ‘exhibition’, which I think is annoying. And I think this is not the best place for the show as the introduction of the history of Rudolf Steiner House also hung on the wall, which distracted me from seeing the show.

The show is about an imaginative pictorial exploration of the human drama, combining landscape, portraiture and experimentation with varied media. The work are based on a journey of more than twenty years with Anthroposophy and life in the West. This show, which features mainly recent work, is concerned with inner and outer ironies, aspirations, pitfalls, illusions and breakthroughs.
Although I am not really impressed with the set up of the show, I like Duncan’s paintings due to the use of colour and painting techniques.


In the above image, the use of red really give me a strong sense of feeling and Duncan painted layers and layers, which enrich the energy from the painting. And this painting remind me of fictional movies scene because of the overlapping of the reality and dream.


Also, the colour of the painting give me the feeling of depicting an imaginary place, which is likely to be appeared in dreams rather than in the reality.

Instead of the lack of information and distraction of the show, I am satisfied with the work and hope to see the upcoming work in other shows.