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As I have been left over the ‘penguin army’ on my studio wall for a while already, due to the reason that I couldn’t think of how I can show it in a 3-dimensional way.

In the Linear Gallery show, I have used screen printing for the this piece. Since the screen printing workshop in year one, I haven’t been using this technique in my work, so this is the first time that I have finished a piece of work in screen printing. I have printed around or even more than a hundred of these penguins, so my arm have been in pain for two days. In this wall piece, I have used 25 prints (4 penguins in a print) so there are 100 penguins in total.

During the printing, I have tried two kind of papers, one is the yellowish paper, and another one is white paper, but I think the yellowish paper show the best result.