This is an exhibition of Gareth John Wood’s (AKA Fuller) work. Fuller is known for drawing intricate maps, often described as psycho-geographical, of places he has lived in. He observes the identity of places at a particular space in time:

“Our cities, their infinite possibilities, and frenetic energy offer a platform to observe contemporary culture and society. Drawing emotive maps provides me with the opportunity to physically explore and investigate our existence whilst making visually engaging art. They tell stories, provoke conversation and celebrate the identity of places in all their glory.”

I am impressed by the details of Fuller’s depiction of the space, which makes people feel dizzy when looking at the map. Also I agree with what he said about his work. In one way, artists convey energy to their work, but artists themselves also receive something from their work, something meaningful and powerful.

This is the reason why I like to do art.