file-21-12-2015-08-53-55The sculpture, Salt Field No3 as implied by the name, is made of salt. It is an exhibition about transformative, visual narrative of Spring in East London.

The salt blocks used in this sculpture are commercially manufactured, formed from mined salt that is refined then compressed under high pressure. In contrast with the urban courtyard space of the gallery, the pure, white, marble like blocks have the density of engineering bricks and a smooth texture.

The interesting part of this work is rather using traditional sculpture materials, Salt Field No3 challenges this notion and embraces the effects of the sun, rain , wind, and city pollution. The condition of the sculpture continually eroding and crystallizing over time, so it would be different when viewing the other times. Also, the viewers are encouraged to participate and engage with the work as that salt dissolves under the influence of environmental forces.

From this exhibition, I have realised that making art really don’t have limits, neither methods nor materials, everything that are chosen by the artist can be the meaning behind of the work. (e.g. symbolising sustainability between erosion of the sculpture and erosion of the natural and man-made landscape.)