It is an exhibition of Tan’s surreal illustrations and sculptures. There are thirty artworks from the Bird King, Rules of Summer, Tales from Outer Suburbia and The Lost thing made by 2011 ALMA Laureate Shaun Tan. Tan has been famous for creating dark, unsettling picture books such as The Rabbits. Also, he sees every book as an experiment in visual and verbal storytelling, and uses a variety of materials: pencil, Indian ink, coloured pencil, painting and various print techniques.

In Tan’s work, I am interested in the way of how he creates the surreal landscapes and objects or creatures. Although I have the main subject of a project, not always have specific ideas on what to draw an imaginary world. Tan says: “ I frequently have nothing particular in mind when I start sketching… ideas just splinter off. One thing reminds me of another and occasionally fragments from one project unlock some other dormant one. Quite a small percentage actually ends up in a published work; I don’t kill my darlings, I shelve them.”

Which means that I should not consider so deeply, just go with it and let it be, some of the sketches may become a stepping stone of resolved pieces.